Color Options

*Units below are examples of units previously created by us.

Please note: When recreating units, we will try to get units colored as close as possible to the colors pictured or requested. 

Jet Black - Hair is darkened from its natural (1b) color to black.

Money Piece - Color in front only framing the face. No color in the back.


Highlights Full Unit -  Highlights through entire unit. 



Highlights - Partial (Half) Unit -  Highlights through top half of unit. Bottom half will be the natural color.


Ombre' - Color on bottom half of unit. 


 All Over Lift with Highlights - entire unit is lifted from its natural (1B) Color, then highlights are added. 

613 - Dark Roots - Roots are hand painted brown or black. In picture, 613 hair was left at its natural color, but can also be watercolored for an extra charge.


613 - Dark Roots & Toned - Roots are hand painted brown or black, and blonde is toned from a bright to a subtle blonde. 

613 - Toned* & Ombre' - Blonde is toned from a bright to a subtle blonde & bottom half is watercolored (up to 3 colors can be selected).

*Toning is optional. 

613 - Watercolor (One Color) - 613 hair is watercolored one solid color.