S. Renee

“Lavish hair is not only about looking good, it is about feeling good.

~S. Renee


Owner, Shavon Renee, has always had a passion for hair and helping others. She believes, whether it be a wig, extensions or one’s natural tresses, a Lavish hairstyle can brighten ones life. Lavish hair can make you feel good and increase confidence.

In addition, Shavon believes “Anything you do should also have a philanthropic goal.” Her ultimate goal is to partner with a local organization to donate wigs to those with hair loss due to an illness or local teens for important events, such as Back-to-School, Ring Dance or Prom.

Shavon’s passion for hair, big heart and mission to help others feel good and love themselves birthed the start of Lavish Lengths by S. Renee.

Definition of Lavish - sumptuously rich, elaborate or luxurious.

~These are all the things your hair should be at all times. ~S. Renee